Monday, September 2, 2013

2013 Fantasy Hockey Team Names

fantasy hockey team names logos
It's hard to ease back into regular production after posting a dramatic, emotionally-charged coming out story. So to make the transition easier I'll post something that goes in the exact opposite direction—the world famous Fantasy Hockey Team Names list!

Unlike in previous years, I actually didn't have to scour the internet for many fantasy names this time around. That's because my friend Mike (who usually provides a healthy number of the names) went wild this year, sending me probably 95% of the names listed below. He has a gift.

If you somehow can't find a name that tickles your funny bone from the many below, be sure to check out the fantasy hockey team names from 2012, 2011, and 2010. And if you're looking for a logo that strikes fear (and laughter) into your opponents, make sure to check out my bad Photoshop skills.


Backes to the Future
Doan of the Dead
Jose Theodore and the Pussycats
The Hillers have Eyes
Ott Fuzz
Fasth Times at Ridgemount High
The Constant Gardiner
Bad News Berezins
Ennis 2 Society
Salmon Fishing In The Semin
Coffey and Cigarettes
Kiss Kiss Pang Pang
Weighting To Exhale
Step Upshall
Step Upshall 2: The Ice
Step Upshall 3-working-on-D
Take This Walz
Some Laich it Hot
Erat Pack
You, Me and Dupuis
The Fast and the Fuhr-rious
Skinners and Saints
Prust and Bone
Leht the right one onen
The Ference Trap
What About Bobrovsky?


Backes in Black
Since You Benn Gone
Don't Fehr the Reaper
Couture Club
Drop it like it's Ott
Stammer of the Gods
Niemi-first and the Gimme Gimmes
Bure'd Lines
Pardy All The Time
Ott Blooded
Rasked Intruders
Oppan Gagne Style!
Rough Ryders


Say Yes to the Kess
Fresh Prince of Briere
Welcome Back Couture
Who's the Bossy?
JVR Troopers
Epic Neal Time
Breaking Ladd
Ladd Men
United States of Tarasenko
3rd Puck From the Sundin
The Foot Fistric Way
Eastbound & Downie
The Kidds in the Hall
One Tree Hiller
Step By Stepan
Ashes to Asham's
Around The Hornqvist
Just For Getzlafs


The Kreider House Rules
50 Shades of Rob Ray
Carle of the Wild
For Whom the Bell Stolls
Ferhwell To Arms


In It to Winnik
Laich it Orlov it
It Takes Tuukka
Luongo with the flow
Keep Calm and Perry On
To Ehr is human, to Hoff divine
Zajac of all trades
Cool Story, Brodeur


Kindl Fire
Kuba Missile Crisis
Next of Ovechkin
Reghers of War
Diamonds in the Ruff
Need for Smid
Ruppstanding Citzens
Subban'ed for Life
Aucoin Operated
Marleau Expectations
Miller Instinct
Howe It's Done
Yzermanifest Destiny
Soylent Greene
Greene Lantern
Glencrossing The Rubicon
All Orr Nothing
Havlat and Have Not
Sauer Patch Kids
Moulson Canadians

Feel free to add your own in the comment section.


Jordan said...

All brilliant.
Lost it at 3rd Puck From the Sundin
Personal fav: Cool story, brodeur

Anonymous said...

Boats and Hossas

Anonymous said...

Alca Michaleks

Anonymous said...

Penners Pancakes

Anonymous said...

Camel Toews

Anonymous said...

Vanek! at the Disco

Anonymous said...

Marleau and Me

Anonymous said...

Crosby, Staals, Nash & Young

Anonymous said...

Horton hears a Giroux

Unknown said...

Game Of Stromes

Anonymous said...

Teenage Mutant Ninja Hertl

Anonymous said...

Bobrovs Before Hoes
The Malkoholics
Gorgeous Gorges

Anonymous said...

Tatar sauce

Anonymous said...

Grow a Perry

Anonymous said...

The Big Bobrovsky

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