Saturday, March 29, 2014

15 Signs Your Team is in a Death Spiral

We're at that point in the season, ladies and gentlemen: The inevitable Toronto Maple Leafs Death Spiral. This event is so common that there are telltale signs that every Leafs fan knows. If you're wondering whether your team is in a Death Spiral, consult the handy chart below.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Will Leafs Experience Drop Off with Reimer?

Winners of 15 of their past 22, the Leafs will have to continue their surge without the efforts of No. 1 goalie Jonathan Bernier, who left Thursday's game against the LA Kings with a lower-body injury.

Although the injury is not considered serious, Bernier did not practice with the team ahead of Sunday's matchup against the Capitals. The Leafs also recalled Drew MacIntyre from the Marlies to serve as James Reimer's backup.

At this point there is no timeline for how long Bernier will be out, and the task of guiding the Leafs down the stretch and into the playoffs could conceivably fall upon Reimer, the man who Bernier has soundly beat out for the No. 1 job this season.

But should Leafs fans worry? Is the drop off between Bernier and Reimer as steep as the numbers so far this season suggest?

Friday, March 7, 2014

Were We Wrong About Tyler Bozak?

One of the most debated Leafs signings in recent years, Tyler Bozak is nearly on a point-per-game pace in year one of a five-year deal and could surpass his career high in points in considerably fewer games.

But has he really improved?
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