Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Will Bolland be Leaf for Life?

Dave Bolland wants to be a Leaf for life, and a fellow Mimico boy might help make it happen.

“I’d like to get him signed,” Brendan Shanahan told the Toronto Sun a few weeks ago. “He’s the type of player I like, the type of player we need."

There's a lot to like about Bolland. He comes with a winning pedigree, grit, leadership, and the type of blue collar work ethic that plays well with the Toronto crowd. He's the type of player that does the little things that help a team win. But that doesn't mean the Leafs should break the bank to keep him.

According to Steve Simmons, the Leafs don't want to pay Bolland any more than the $4.2 million a season they are paying Tyler Bozak. That means there's a disconnect between the two camps, because Darren Dreger reported at the end of February that Bolland could be looking for as much as $5 million a year, and maybe more.

With close to $49 million already committed to only 12 players next season, giving Bolland anything more than $4 million a year means the Leafs view him as a core piece, rather than a complementary one, like he was in Chicago.

That would be a major mistake.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

What We Learned from the Second Round

A team of destiny Montreal Canadiens are one round from the Stanley Cup Final. Really, hockey gods? This is how you treat me after a life devoted to hockey? I am a broken man, please do not add to my sorrow.

Sorry, loudly questioning my faith in humanity over here. So, what did we learn from the second round?

Saturday, May 3, 2014

#FancyStats Q+A with Eric Tulsky

Noted advanced stats pioneer Eric Tulsky killed some time on Twitter recently with a helpful Q+A on #FancyStats in hockey. Links to articles with more detailed information on the topic in question are provided for those looking for more information than is available in 140 characters.

This is not the first time Tulsky has taken the time to explain advanced stats concepts in more detail to his followers, and a previous Q+A was collected by other noted advanced stats enthusiast Tyler Dellow.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

What We Learned from the Opening Round

One of the most exciting opening rounds of playoff hockey in recent years is sadly over, and the inevitable letdown of round two begins tonight.

What did we learn from the opening round?
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