Friday, November 9, 2012

Bad Photoshops: Fantasy Hockey Avatars

Kriss Cross: A terrible rap group named after a terrible hockey player.
In the quest for fantasy hockey superiority, you need to spend time studying sleepers, obviously, and everyone knows a kick-ass name will help too. But a seemingly undervalued aspect of creating a fantasy hockey juggernaut is outfitting your team with the type of logo that strikes fear (or, more accurately, laughter) into the hearts of your opponents.

Here is a sampling of my (bad) Photoshop efforts to create a logo/avatar for different fantasy hockey team names. I will take requests in the comment section if you are brave.

jamie benn fantasy hockey

Benn Folds Five

canucks fantasy hockey

Bieksa and I Know It

zdeno chara fantasy hockey

Chara's In Charge

Howe High

Hull and Oates

schenn flyers fantasy hockey

It's Raining Schenn

zach parise wild fantasy hockey

Pimpin' Aint Parise

Salt n' Peca

paul stastny fantasy hockey

Stastny and Hutch

wings fantasy hockey

Straight Outta Conklin

rick nash taylor hall fantasy hockey

The Outsiders: Nash and Hall

carey price habs fantasy hockey

The Price is Right

jonathan bernier fantasy hockey

Weekend at Bernier's

calgary flames fantasy hockey

Kidd 'n Play

oilers fantasy hockey

Bend it like Peckham

jvr fantasy hockey

Dick Van Riemsdyk

giguere fantasy hockey

Gettin' Jiggy With It

erik karlsson fantasy hockey

Karlssons of Anarchy

oshie fantasy hockey

Oshie's Eleven

brent seabrook fantasy hockey

The Old Man and the Seabrook

kris letang wu tang clan

Le-tang Clan

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