Monday, November 5, 2012

2012 Fantasy Hockey Team Names

Bieksa and I Know It: No team name is complete without a terrible Photoshop
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Studies show that how well you do in fantasy hockey is directly related to how creative and funny your team name is. The funnier your name, the better you will do. It's science. Don't question it.

With that in mind, you better pick a great team name this year. But here's the secret: You don't actually have to put much effort into a great name, just refer to this year's handy list of the best fantasy hockey team names.

I do not claim to have thought of all of these myself, but like a homely librarian, I have done my curatorial duties and amassed a list of the web's best for your own personal use.

If nothing on this year's list suits your fancy, you can find the list from 2010 here and 2011 here. There is sure to be something that you like.

So, in keeping with tradition, here is this year's list of the best fantasy hockey team names. Feel free to post your own suggestions in the comment section.

Bend it like Peckham
The Girl with the Dragon Tootoo
Emery at the Gates
Howe High
Inglourious Backes
Steen Machine
Weekend at Bernier's
Oshie's Eleven
Ennis the Menace
The Perfect Strome

Bieksa and I know it
Rebel Yelle
Salt n Peca
License to Ilya
Reinventing Axlrod
Le Tang Clan
Wu Tanguay Clan
Benn Folds Five
Harder, Better, Faster, Pronger
It's Raining Schenn
The Boyes Are Back in Town
Teach Me How To Doughty
Kidd 'n Play
Kriss Crosscheck

3rd Laraque from the Sun
Karlssons of Anarchy
Charas in charge
Scooby Dubnyk
The Dekes of Hazzard
Whose Line is it Eberle
Stastny and Hutch
Fehr Factor

Koekkoek for Cocoa Puffs
Chicken Fried Weiss
Selanne on Rye
Shanahand Me A Beer

Hejda's gonna hate
Neal With It
Nittymakin me crazy
Handzus, so hot right now

Redden, white and blue
Seguin Genesis
Rinnebourhood Watch
Hall and Nash: The Outsiders
Bro Juneau
Don't Wake Doughty
The Jesus Krejcis
Jesus Marian Hossa
The Halakness Monsters
Shipping and Yandling
Ennis Envy
Dick Van Riemsdyk


Anonymous said...

Who is your Stastny and what does Hejduk

Anonymous said...

Great list and like the categories. You can find hundreds more in time for the hockey season at

Anonymous said...

Dynamo Mosclowe

Anonymous said...

JVR Troopers

Anonymous said...

NaNaNaNaNaNaNa... Bettman!

Fehr and Loathing in New York

Hey they ruined hockey for us this year.. can't have good names.

Anonymous said...

My first team this year is named Taxicab Kanefessions. I don't have Kane though despite having Toews and Hossa.
I am looking for a good name for my second team now....any more ideas?

Matt Horner said...

Here's a couple more I've seen...

Fresh Price of Briere
Don't Fehr the Reaper
Couture Club
Drop it like it's Ott

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