Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Vancouver Canucks: Canadian Team, Not Canada's Team

I have another post featured on The Good Point this week. In today's article I discuss whether 'Canada's team' actually exists or whether this is just concocted by the media.

Well, there is a 'Canada's team', but they only play in IIHF hockey tournaments; they are not the Canucks. Canada's team won't ever be the Leafs, Sens, Oilers, Flames, or Canadiens either. Maybe the Jets will become Canada's team, but that's just because no one wants to see them leave again.


Anonymous said...

The Vancouver Canuck fanbase is pathetic. After the worst display of "sore loserism" the world has ever seen, all we are hearing out of Vancouver is excuses. We hear how this was a "small minority". Do you think we're all fools? We saw the footage. It was you, Vancouver. Do the rest of the county a favour and annex yourself. You've forfeited the right to call yourselves Canadian. You're not Canadians, you're animals. Please leave Canada to the true Canadians and go away. .

Matt Horner said...

Umm, I wholeheartedly disagree with everything you said.

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