Tuesday, September 13, 2011

2011 Fantasy Hockey Team Names

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Last year I compiled a pretty comprehensive list of all sorts of fantasy hockey team names I've found over the years in various leagues, message boards, and random surfing on the web. My friend Mike added a bunch of gems he came up with as well. You can find last year's list here.

But, as you can imagine, a year is a long time to scour the internet and rack your brain for other clever (and stupid) things to name your fantasy team. Sure, that year could have been better spent doing a lot of other things, but I'm here to help you make your friends laugh, so I've amassed another set of names to help you.

Because, as always, no one should feel the shame of a lame fantasy hockey team name. You might not have the best roster, and you might finish in last, but at least you'll get a few laughs. And, ultimately, isn't that what fantasy sports are about?

No? They're about money? Okay, well read my post about sleepers then.

For the rest of you, onto the names!

BROOKS LAICH (a name so great it deserves its own category) 

Baby I Laich It!
Laich a G6
You Can Have Whatever You Laich
Dude, Brooks Laich a Lady
Laich a Boss


Laraque the Casbah
Yandle in the Wind
Pardy in the USA
Hrudey and the Blowfish
Doan Stop Believin'
Miles Davis and the Kulemin
McBain in Vain
Senor and the Steen
Straight Outta Conklin
Weiss Weiss Baby
Theory of a Deadmarsh
Death Cab for Caputi
Colborne to Run
Moves Like Jagr


The Big Pavelski
Boyes in the Hood
The Good, the Bad, and the Byfuglien
Boyes Don't Cry
Gonchar in 60 seconds
Citizen Kane
Steen on Me
Dadonov the Dead

Peverley Hills 90210
Eberle Hills 90210
Shining Time Stajan
Life With Loui
The Doan Ranger


Nashville Sex-Predators
Zuccarello Sticks
Oreo McFleury
The Red Biron
Call of Doughty
All Miller, No Filler
Too Hot To Yandle
Kesslemania LXXXI (81 in roman numerals)
Why So Clearyous?
The Old Man and the Seabrook
Penner Pals
Live Long and Prospal
Chocolate LeClair
It Takes Giroux to Tango
Bros Before Hossas
Erat Bastards
Ovechkinder Surprise
Moulson Export
Sailor Perry
Everyday I'm Byfuglien

Feel free to add your own in the comment section.


Ted said...

Schennectady, New York
Ennis Envy
Hey, Roy Happened? (
Dick Van Riemsdyk
Boyes II Men
The Joffrey Loophole (borderline I know)
No Diggity, No Doughty
Lucic and Chong
Tanguay Pride
Stephen Fried Weiss
Hejduk, Don't Let Me Down
Everybody Loves Mason Raymond

Matt Horner said...

Teddy, nice collection, particularly Ennis Envy. A few like Boyes II Men and Lucic and Chong made last year's list.

Ted said...

Should've checked the old list, I knew Lucic and Chong was too good to be original...

Anonymous said...

the boyes are back in town

Anonymous said...

Lokomotiv in the sky?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Also, Vokoun Nerve Pinch

Ted said...

Weekend at Bernier's

Anonymous said...

The Price is Right

Anonymous said...

Carey'ed by Crosby

Anonymous said...

Snooki Laichs Vlasic's

Anonymous said...

Get this Horcoff me

Anonymous said...

crosby laich boyes

Anonymous said...

Oduya Laich Boyes

Anonymous said...

Fleury of Semin

Anonymous said...

How about: hatrick swayze

Anonymous said...

malkin cows

Anonymous said...

Mine for this year is Ryder Kunitz Boyes That's right, I have all three!

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