Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mike Fisher: Fact and Fiction

mike fisher carrie underwood purse holder
Brian Burke kicked off the NHL trade frenzy early this year much like he did last season. After the Francois Beauchemin trade was announced there were two more deals.

First, the Hawks traded Jake Skille, Hugh Jessiman, and David Pacan for Michael Frolik and Alexander Salak. I don’t want to spend too much time on this deal, but at first blush this is a dumb trade for Florida. It’s never a smart idea to give up on a 22-year-old who already has two 20-goal seasons in his first two years in the league.

The second deal brought much more attention – and not just from hockey fans. The Ottawa Senators traded fan favourite Mike Fisher to the Nashville Predators for a first round pick and a conditional pick which could be as high as a second rounder if the Predators win two or more playoff series. The headline in Nashville’s Tennessean newspaper announced that the Preds acquired “Carrie Underwood’s Husband”. Whatever you have to do to bring the fans to the rink I guess.

Senators fans are probably sad to see one of their favourites leave, but they’re getting a first round pick for a 30-year-old player who has only once topped 50 points and is in the midst of his worst statistical season. Be happy because he’s overpaid too. Sure he'll bring a ton of intangibles to the Predators who are suddenly desperate for a centre after a rash of injuries, but first round picks are a valuable thing (don’t tell Burke) and to get one for Fisher is amazing.

Predators general manager David Poile made a lot of statements about Fisher, some of which were pure fiction. Note: Poile did not make all of these statements, but I imagine those who love Fisher have at some point, so I added them.

Fiction: Mike Fisher is a clutch playoff performer.
Fact: Mike Fisher has 28 points in 75 playoff games.

Fiction: Mike Fisher is a top-6 player.
Fact: Mike Fisher plays on the third line.

Fiction: Mike Fisher is a great two-way centre.
Fact: Mike Fisher and Matt Stajan have a similar PPG. Matt Stajan sucks. Mike Fisher is an overpaid Matt Stajan.

Fiction: Mike Fisher will help strengthen the Predators up the middle.
Fact: Mike Fisher will be paid over $4 million to play on the third line for the next two years.

Fiction: Mike Fisher’s playoff experience will be invaluable to the Predators.
Fact: Mike Fisher has lots of experience losing playoff series. This suits the Predators.

Fiction: Mike Fisher is a winner.
Fact: Mike Fisher is not even his family's bread-winner.

Fiction: Mike Fisher is not worth a first round pick.
Fact: Mike Fisher was traded for a first round pick… somehow… amazingly.

Carrie Underwood made this deal happen. A deal Bryan Murray would have never been able to make otherwise. Somewhere, Eugene Melnyk is contemplating hiring her as the Sens' next GM.


Geoff said...

Not even his family's bread-winner... oh you are bad! But that article clearly says "Predators acquire Mike Fisher, Carrie Underwear's husband", blatant misuse of the quotation marks by you!

He performs well against the Leafs, so glad to see him go!

Matt Horner said...

I think I'm just bitter the Sens are getting a good deal here.

Anonymous said...

Matt Stajan is also an overpaid Matt Stajan.

PessimisticLeafFan said...

Fact: Mike Fisher was traded for 1 (one) first round pick.

Also Fact: Phil Kessel was traded for 2 (two) first round picks. Therefore, Kessel should be twice as good as Fisher.

Fact: Fisher has 14G, Kessel has 19G. 19/2= 9.5

Therefore, Kessel is not twice as good.

Facts, facts, facts.

Matt Horner said...

Trading first round picks for a 23-year-old is always a better idea than trading one for a 30-year-old.

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